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Lake Street Response

Posted on June 16, 2020

Since its founding in 1984, Wellington Management, Inc. has been a locally-owned and family-run organization, deeply proud of the connections that it has made over the decades with the communities where we own and manage our properties. The tenants in our buildings are more than business contacts; they are our neighbors, our partners, and our friends.

For those who have reached out to our company during this difficult time, we want to say thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement for our efforts. Our team is moving mountains to keep our residents safe and help our retail businesses get back up and running. We plan to rebuild all three buildings that were heavily affected along Lake Street, including the in-progress Midtown Corner housing project, which was scheduled to be open by Spring 2021. By no means will these events deter us. We have been committed partners in Minneapolis’s the Lake and Hiawatha neighborhoods for several decades and even longer in other hard-hit locations in the city. Our company is well suited and resourced for the tasks ahead of it, and we are proud of our team and the drive and commitment they all have to the work that needs to be accomplished.

Many of the small businesses on Lake Street and West Broadway were devastated by the physical and economic effects of COVID-19 before this occurred. We are doing what we can to help support these tenants during this time, but as a community, we can all lend a hand to our friends and neighbors during this time in our shared history. If you’d like to offer assistance, please consider some of the organizations listed here:

These campaigns are making great strides, and will go a long way to helping rebuild their communities, but the need is overwhelming. Your generosity and support of us in this work is heartening. Thank you for reaching out and being willing to engage meaningfully in the rebuilding process.